Something I’ve noticed when starting a new job is that, for the first few months, I need more sleep than normal.

That’s saying something, because I always need a lot of sleep.

I noticed it particularly at the start of my current job, which is likely because I had to master a bunch of stuff I didn’t know well and am not naturally good at.

However, this is also the first job I’ve had the advantage of a comprehensive productivity and focus system.

Paradoxically, I think this made me somewhat more tired but much less stressed than at previous new jobs.

To use an exercise analogy, better form (focus) allowed me to handle heavier weights (more intense work), so I’m more tired but make more progress without injury (stress).

Now, in general I’ve found better focus makes me both less tired and less stressed, but there seems to be an exception during intense learning periods.

However, it’s still a vastly better tradeoff as eventually the extra fatigue goes away and the extra progress is remarkable.

It feels more like rewiring, like a physical change, rather than simply learning new information.

Athletes, the smart ones anyway, budget extra time for rest and recovery when they’re training extra hard, and it will profit you to do the same when you’re doing something new and difficult.

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