Indecision is expensive.

We all know this on some level – obviously if you have reservations about a task or project you’re less likely to complete it.

However, I think there’s something interesting if you look closer.

Indecision isn’t just undermining your will to keep going, it’s actually siphoning off brainpower and actively making you dumber – meaning not only are you less motivated but you have less problem solving capacity dedicated to that thing.

Those doubts are miniature simulations of what would happen if you changed course, or of bad things that might happen if you continue.

These simulations are very taxing to both your energy and your problem solving ability.

Thus, not only will you not have the will to confront roadblocks, you’ll be less able to creatively find your way around them.

I doubt many will disagree with this description, but what do we do about it?

Simply this: entertaining those doubts and second guesses is at least partly a willful act.

You allow yourself to do so, so you can also decided not to – at least in large part.

A good friend of mine, who is now wrapping up a career in special operations with the Navy, which he started by surviving one of the most difficult selection courses in the world, put it this way:

“Decide ahead of time that you’re not going to quit.”

From my own experience, if you can do this, then you can flip a switch that gives you more energy and more intelligence to dedicate to the task at hand.

It’s simple, though not necessarily easy.

However, once you realize that you can, when you realize that those doubts and that second guessing are something you can choose not to entertain, you’re very close to banishing them and unlocking huge and untapped internal resources.

I can’t do it for you, but I can make you aware that it’s possible.

This means a few of you will actually do it.

Make sure one of them is you.

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