My mom visited this week and we spent most of that time rampaging through art museums and various studio/gallery events.

She’s an artist (or art student, as I have been instructed to call her – even though I think she’s earned the title), so the appreciation of such things comes naturally to her.

They do not come naturally to me.

In spite of the rest of my family’s best efforts to inculcate a sense of art appreciation into me, I’ve been neutral on the whole thing for most of my life.

I never particularly disliked going to art museums, and certainly did not object to having art around, but specific enjoyment of it was largely foreign to me.

When I was in college, I would occasionally go to museums, but only with a friend whom I knew to be a chronic art appreciator. I got a sort of second hand enjoyment from it that way.

Recently, however, that seems to have changed.

I’m not altogether sure why.

Maybe age and experience, maybe living in New York, maybe that artsy girl I dated last year.

But I’m beginning to think it’s mostly a consequence of how my mind has changed as I’ve trained it to focus.

I can’t tell you why better focus would lead to a greater appreciation of art, but it feels like it has.

Any reader theories would be welcome.

There’s not much of a deeper point here, except that I’ve found, consistently, the training your mind to focus seems to unleash all kinds of unexpected benefits, and this last one (assuming it did derive from better focus) is perhaps the most unexpected of all.

So, if I can’t convince you to take focus seriously for the sake of productivity, maybe I can convince you for the sake of aesthetics.

It’s worth a short.

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