This blog is dedicated to the belief that attention is your most valuable resource, that the ability to focus is your most important skill, and that everyone can radically improve this skill and reap huge rewards from it.

Focus isn’t just nice to have, it’s critical for your success.

Hi, I’m William Webb.

Over a decade back I turned down offers of admission at both Harvard and MIT, but more on that later.

Better focus will make you more productive, but it goes way beyond that

In practice, better focus will make you smarter, more creative and even happier and more energetic

On this blog and in my exclusive free email newsletter I’ll explain WHY better focus will give you these benefits (superpowers?).

William Webb

William Webb


Like any skill, there are levels

Most people are average, some are above or below average, and a few are superstars (which is what I will help YOU become).

However, unlike many other skills, focus can be improved quickly, often to near-elite levels if you adopt some insider mindsets and techniques.

A few key insights can put you light years ahead

I had to learn all this the slow, hard way.

I’ve spent all of my adult life in environments that demanded everything I had and more…

Starting with undergrad at Caltech (after turning down Harvard and MIT for reasons of sunshine and access to research), through graduate school at the University of Washington (after getting tired of sunshine) and my career as a data scientist at various startups, laser focus has always been required.

When I could attain it, I excelled…but…

When it slipped, I stumbled.

Along the way I’ve learned from some of the most productive people out there.

Many of them didn’t look as fancy on paper as I did, but easily outperformed me and many of my peers anyway.

I had to swallow my pride and admit that my prestigious degrees, even paired with a good work ethic, weren’t getting me what I wanted

Not nearly.

Maybe you feel the same way

As I learned and improved, my eyes opened to the incredible potential out there in ALL people, yes that includes You.

I also began to see why it is so seldom fully realized, even in those with every educational advantage.

I’ve created this blog to help you unlock your FULL potential.

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